"Possessed of a stylistic brilliance and extraordinary humanism." - Gillian Conoley

Howdy Airstream-wranglers and sarsaparilla-sippers! Welcome to Peggy Munson's saloon for incendiary wordsmiths and weary-to-the-mitochondria travelers. Peggy Munson's award-winning writing is an exploration of transgressions and afflictions. With a smattering of paper moose, ice hotels, Zamboni ice resurfacing machines, Amish kids on Rumpspringa, and poetry about the inner language of panic grass - her work is sometimes so hard to pin down that thought police censored her in San Francisco, one reviewer compared her to a purveyor of acid lit., and two book blurbers deemed her "strange." Check out samples from her books or her online writing.

"Like William S. Burroughs and Djuna Barnes howling at a brutal paper moon." - Susan Stinson

Peggy writes literary infusions that often mimic the iambic pulse of the human heart, and her language is more experiential than experimental, pushing the reader "awake inside a lantern, buzzing at the headlights." As the legendary Eileen Myles put it, "This is sleezily insidious writing. Constructed as if you are already in it, I mean, smothered in sex and sticky frosting and the close proximity of death." Exploring sexuality, gender, illness, embodiment, and exile, Peggy constructs luminous sentences that provoke a time-release visceral response.

"Cutting edge and ontic." - Noelle Kocot

Peggy's new book of poetry, Pathogenesis, has won the respect of Pulitzer-prize winning poet Yusef Komunyakaa, who called it "magical." Her recent novel, Origami Striptease, was a Lambda Literary Award finalist and the winner of the Project Queerlit prize. Patrick Califia called it, "One of a kind. . .a powerful, even mythic tale of love and transformation." Peggy is also an activist for illness and disability issues, and she occasionally writes in her blog about things that matter to her. You can also visit Peggy on MySpace or send her an e-mail.

"Pathogenesis is ideal poetry for me, powerfully personal and yet global in its implications." - Largehearted Boy
Origami Striptease:

"I was intoxicated by the prose of this book in which love, sex, illness, writing, girls and boys who are girls roll around in a steamy, bubbly, drunk-making stew. Munson is a stylist extraordinaire and the story she tells here will leave you wide-eyed, spent, unnerved. You have been warned." -Rebecca Brown